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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Toothache - Homemade Medicines/Immediate Remedy

As I already mentioned, here are the homemade medicine/remedy for immediate relief of Toothache.

Garlic clove - Take one garlic add a pinch of salt and crushed peppercorns and keep them on the tooth which aches. This is an immediate relief. Garlic has so much power!

Cloves - These are very handy and easy.Just place them on the tooth that aches and after sometime you will get some relief for sure.

Salt and pepper - Take a pinch of each and rub it slowly on the gum of the aching side.

Clove oil - This is also very effective. Just rub it on the Gums and with a help of sponge/cotton apply it on the tooth.

Onions - Place a small piece of onion on the tooth. It helps killing the germs.

As always goggling with warm salt water also helps to some extent.

Do let me know if you are aware of any other Home medicine for toothache.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Tooth Ache - ouch! it hurts.

For the past two weeks, my husband was suffering from tooth ache. He was developing his wisdom tooth and oh! it was painful. Also he has sinus problem which had aggravated his pain. I did give home some home medicine, which I will be sharing with you all soon. But, no relief. The next immediate thought is to find a dentist.

We live in the suburbs of IL and our main concern was dental expenses aren't covered in our insurance. That being said, you know how much we have to pay out from our pocket if we visit a dentist. But, how long can he suffer? Another big issue is, he hates going to a dentist. He says it is more painful than the tooth ache. So, either I have to drag him to the dentist or he must be given conscious sedation. My motto is to get his tooth ache fixed.

For the first week, I just gave him some home medicine. A quick remedy. The next week was OK. He was getting better and now he is alright. He is very happy that he made it through this situation without going to the dentist! My friend always compares him with her son, in this aspect. She lives in NY and her son always throws a tantrum, every time they visit the Rochester NY dentist. She says, Rochester Dentist needs a lot of patience to treat her kid. And same goes with my husband. A lot of patience is required.

Sure do come back for the details of home medicine that I gave my husband to get a quick relief from the pain. Do share your experiences related to tooth ache or dentist whichever you feel is real funny!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

How about some water therapy?

Everyone wants to be fit. Both Physically and mentally. How often do you exercise to make this happen? If you ask me the same question, I would say 'I am lazy to hit the Gym and exercising is no fun.' But, will you consider exercising if it is more fun? Ya, Of course!

Now, the next question. How many of you have been to Spas? For a women Spa is heaven. A great place to relax and meet up with friends. How cool it would be if you could exercise in you spa along with your friends?- A swim spa. I would say super cool.

But...there are always buts in everything. Are these hydrotherapy pools hygienic? Are the water being changed after every customer? A point to be noted. Not all spas do this and it is not affordable too. Also there is a high possibility that they use a highly chlorinated water for these pools. More chlorine content is not good for our skin. So I would suggest you all to think twice and also do your research properly before joining any therapy classes or trainings.

Recently I came across many Aquatic therapy classes, trainings. Also home pools, where you can install these equipments at home and practice it all by yourself. One advantage of having a home pool is that you can avoid spreading of infections and also take care of the water. But can you afford it? It is 100% your call.

Indoor exercises are becoming more popular these days. With having to work all day, having a Gym at home is the easiest and best way to keep your body fit. How efficient is this water therapy? Do you go to any aquatic therapy or do you know someone who participates? Do share your comments here so that it will be useful for all our readers.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Sprint Fidelis Defibrillator Leads Recalled?

Do you know what a Defibrillation is? Ofcourse, a laymen would never know these medical terms. If you are a doctor, or a patient who has suffered Cardiac Arrest or a close relation to a heart patient, you will be knowing a lot of information, enough to write an essay. But for all others,

Defibrillation is the definitive treatment for the life-threatening cardiac arrhythmias, ventricular fibrillation and ventricular tachycardia. Defibrillation consists of delivering a therapeutic dose of electrical energy to the affected heart with a device called a defibrillator. This depolarizes a critical mass of the heart muscle, terminates the arrhythmia, and allows normal sinus rhythm to be reestablished by the body's natural pacemaker, in the sinoatrial node of the heart

Says Wiki. To know more on this check out Wiki.

But, did you know Medtronic Inc. has removed its Sprint Fidelis defibrillation leads from the market? The reason being,there was five related deaths. Medtronic Defibrillator Recall, which happened recently was a shock to many.

Defective Defibrillator Leads were called off to prevent any future mishap. Know more about Defibrillator Lead Lawsuit. Do you know someone who has been using this device?- consult a Medtronic Recall Lawyer. Sometimes, medical field can be more scary than Halloween!Share your experience with us and educate our readers.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Do you suffer from Acne?

Whenever I hear the word Acne, it kind of pisses me off. It is one of the major contributors of social insecurity among kids, teenagers or adults. Affects everyone invariably. Especially the teens. Already they are going through a tough time, and acne makes the life even worse.

More than physical, I think Acne has a more emotional effect. Whiteheads, Blackheads, pimples,Cysts are common form of acne. ok, we all know this. So, what causes this acne? - An important question. They say, mostly due to hormones, dirt, heredity, stress, deficiency of vitamin A and E. It varies from person to person.

How can we prevent Acne? - I really do not know how we can prevent it. May be we can be more hygienic. But, I would be more interested in how to cure them.

We really do not have the control over the acne, per say. But sure is curable. There are a lot of treatment for acne complex. We just have to find out which suits us the best. Various treatments like Murad acne complex etc are available. Consult your doctor before deciding on which medication to follow.

Have you ever tried Murad Acne? If so, please share your views and experience. I really appreciate it and would love to know more about the product. My friend is in need of a good treatment. She is suffering from acne for the past 6 months.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Do you suffer from Dandruff Problem?

Dandruff has been a recurring problem in my house. Both me and my husband suffer from dandruff. We have tried many Health and Beauty products. They were of little help but not cured our dandruff problem completely. When we browsed the Internet we came to know many things about Dandruff.

Dandruff or scurf is termed Pityriasis capitis. It is due to the excessive shedding of dead skin cells from the scalp. It might be due to dryness or excessive oil. Either way there is a lot of possibility for dandruff. Minor dandruff problems can be cured by Anti Dandruff shampoo. Though we have a lot of anti dandruff medicines available, if it is due to fungal infection, it is better to get checked with a doctor first.

There is no convincing evidence that food (such as sugar or yeast), excessive perspiration, or climate have any role in the pathogenesis of dandruff. However, certain oily foods or excessive intake of 'junk food' can trigger the appearance of dandruff . Dandruff can be caused by stress.
says Wiki.

Do you know any handy medication for treating dandruff? Have you suffered from dandruff problems before? I would really appreciate if you could share your experience here with us.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Urinary Tract Infection - Causes and Prevention

I am hosting an event called Eat Healthy - Fight Diabetes in my food blog. While doing research about the side effects of diabetics, I found that UTI - Urinary Tract Infection is one among many. UTI is a bacterial infection that is easily curable. Phew! What a relief! There are many cures for UTI.

Who gets this Infection?

Women are much prone to this infection than men. Especially, sexually active women. Adding to it, people who have diabetes have greater chance to be affected by this. Unhealthy toilet habits play a major part in inviting this infection.

How can it be treated?

Most cases can be treated with oral antibiotics. As alternative medicine, D-mannose powder are advocated as a herbal remedy for urinary tract infections. With all these medicine self - discipline is a major way to treat this infection.

Is is ok to Use D Mannose for Urinary Tract Infection in diabetic patients? This is the question I got when I read about D Mannose. But, I was convinced that this doesn't increase the blood sugar level. The best way is to consult your doctor!

What can we do to prevent?

- Having a healthy toilet habits helps a lot!

- Breast feeding reduces the chances of this infection in the new born.

- Acupuncture has proved to be an effective way.

- Recent study shows that cranberry juice can decrease the incidence of UTI!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Facial Paralysis/Bell's Palsy - Did you know about this nerve disorder?

Recently I happened to read an article about Facial Paralysis. Though I was just skimming through the article, the first time, it made a huge impact on me. I never knew facial paralysis could be caused from viral infections such as mumps,chicken pox etc or even HIV. Even a neurological disease like brain tumor can cause this.

It is really very emotional when something happens to our face. Face reflects every thing and if people avoid us because of the facial disorder, it is going to affect us way deep. The viral diseases are very common and I felt that everyone must be educated with its after effects.

Bell's Palsy is a form of temporary facial paralysis and its onset is usually sudden. Imagine, if suddenly you are not able to blink or move your lips! How horrible would you feel? I am appalled! It affects 40,000 people in the US every year. Can you believe it? To diagnose this, the patient has to go through a complete checkup. Sometimes Doctors can diagnose Bell's palsy by just looking at the person because the face has a 'certain look'.

There are a few ways with which Bell's Palsy is treated. One of which is Facial Nerve Retaining & Therapy. Do not hesitate. Nothing is too late.Contact your doctor immediately when you suspect something unusual. There are Facial Paralysis surgeons to help you! You deserve better!


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