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Friday, August 29, 2008


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Monday, August 4, 2008

Want your body back post-pregnancy?

Pregnancy – A boon considered most of the times, is a blissful journey that every women wants to experience. But, there is also an significant change in every women in this process that makes them think twice or even more before getting pregnant - ‘The uninvited extra pounds’. Today’s women are more ‘appearance conscious’ than ‘health conscious’. They want to look beautiful and they are willing to do anything to achieve this.

Who said it is impossible to get your body back post- pregnancy? We have real time examples. Look at the celebrity moms, JLo, Katie Holmes, Britney spears. They got their body back almost immediately post- pregnancy. This very thought in the public, lead to an unhealthy way of reducing weight irrespective of pre or post pregnancy. I am not saying that they are bad influence, but I would, without any doubt, say that women are not thinking. These celebrities have additional luxury like expert personal trainers, diet conscious chef, which other ‘normal’ women are deprived of.

Experts say that it is unhealthy to reduce your weight in such a lightning speed. It may not only affect your health, but also your next pregnancy, if at all you have one in mind. So, the next most commonly asked question is ‘when should we begin exercising post-pregnancy?’ The best way is to consult your doctor before implementing anything. It is obvious, that each and every individual is different and will require a different way of treatment or exercise to reduce their extra pounds gained during pregnancy.

Did you know breast feeding burns your calories? There is a thought prevailing among major women that breast feeding degrades the outer beauty. But is it true? We are not here to argue about this, but breast feeding sure does help both the mother and the child in many ways. I would like to suggest a few simple exercises that every mother can do without spending much time.

1. A simple push up would suffice. You can do this along with your new born. Place your child on a flat surface and do your pushups by placing your hands above the baby’s head. By this way you can play with your baby and stay fit.
2. Drinking enough water. This is considered to be the ‘secret mantra’ of reducing weight. Pre or post pregnancy, drinking a lot of water is very good for health. The minimum consumption must be 8 liters per day.
3. Walking. Of course you can do this with your baby in his/her stroller.
4. Diet. Consult your dietician for this, as each one requires a different diet based on their body composition.

Spend a minimum of 15mts practicing the above mentioned exercises along with the ones advised by your doctor, you can get back into shape gradually, may be in 6 months or 1 year’s time. More than reducing your weight, staying healthy is what is vital.


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