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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Overcome emotions during pregnancy

One of the most random things to deal with for expectant mums, is the roller coaster ride of emotions during pregnancy. These emotions are sometimes very difficult to control and usually come at us with no notice, so one minute we may be fine and relaxed, the next we might have turned into a wailing banshee.

Obviously this can be a confusing time, not just for us but our loved ones too. Our partners maybe looking forward to spending some time with their loving wives, only to be greeted by a tired and irritable women in her place. This is why it is worth taking some time to understand the different emotions during pregnancy and why it's important to stay strong. Clearly having some form of expectations is better than not being prepared for certain changes.

Probably the best way to deal with changing emotions during pregnancy is to keep an open, honest and constant dialogue with those around you. Our family is probably as confused or apprehensive as we are, try to take the time and describe how you are feeling, perhaps agree some exclusive "me time" where you do nothing but put your feet up. To read further do visit Pregnancy Wizard



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