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Monday, May 5, 2008

Meditation - Getting started

It is not only me, there are thousands of people who started to meditate and one fine day gave up. When I wanted to know why I gave up on meditation, I had no valid reason. Mostly people answer 'just like that. I was not feeling anything'. I learned meditation from my father and was very curious to know how it works. I had to practice everyday at least for 15mts. I had the patience for 1 week. After that, all gone in air. When he asked why? I had no answer. I knew I gave up because I felt lazy and this lead to a point where I was frustrated and depressed with myself for not realising my inner self through meditation.
No art can be mastered in a day. All of us know this, but still want to be the best overnight. Could this happen? No way. Any art comes to you only if you practice and meditation is an art. An art of realising oneself. This can be achieved if and only if you practice.
The first basic thing in meditation is to find a Guru. Go in search of a Guru. There are a lot of gurus waiting to help you. You know that anything and everything can be googled. However, I would suggest you to consider gurus whom you have heard of or to whom your friend/family is going to. Choosing your Guru is the main and most important step in this process of self realisation. You can learn Technology online with online guides and tutors. But as for as meditation, you need a real Guru who can teach you and guide you through this process. Each one will have a different expectation from their gurus. You are the better person to find out what you desire.
The next step is contact your guru in person and discuss what exactly you want. This is the same as anywhere. You get what you ask. There are many kinds of meditation and you might not know what exactly suites you. Your guru knows. Ask your guru what is best for you and start practicing the same according to his instruction.
The next important step is to practice. This is where most of us will fail. We will start great, but to continue you need perseverance. This is the stage where a lot of people will loose hope and start cursing themselves or their guru. Even to eat a delicious food you need to wait till it is cooked. Similarly, you need to wait till your mind is evolved. For some people it happens within days and for some it takes years.
You get evolved to the next stage without your knowledge. Discuss it with your gurus and they will surely help you get through this stage.When you start feeling that you are hopeless and you have not progressed much, discuss it with your gurus. One more way which I follow whenever I feel frustrated about my progress, I will think of a situation and write down what my reaction would be now and what it would have been before I started practicing meditation. If both are same you need your guru's help. If there is even a slightest difference, you can be sure that you have progressed. However, positive or negative progression can be identified with your answers. You are your best judge.
Meditating is not easy but surely is not that difficult. It is the basic way for realising oneself and it does help you mould you characters. With Meditation, you are one step closer to success.


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