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Monday, July 23, 2007

Overcome Frustration with your MIND!

Hi people...I know it’s been long time...Now that I'll be able to share with you my views on a regular basis let me start with frustrations...

We all know frustration is a slow poison. Once we open our door for it to join our life, it'll become the master and you'll loose every beautiful second of your life. Everyone gets frustrated at one point of time. Usually when we reach your saturation point in any activity that we are forced to do. Frustrations can happen at work, at home and even with our relationships.

Why do we get frustrated?

It’s very simple. When something happens continuously in a way against our thoughts! We generally expect a lot from our life. We want to be rich. We want to have all the luxuries in life. We want our love. We want and want many things in life. When our wants turns us down, we feel frustrated and lose hopes and there’s the starting of our end!

Our thoughts are the key factor for our frustration. When we realize this, we can surely overcome them with the help of our THOUGHTS!

Now, what can frustrations do to us?

What the heck! What can they do to us? We can't leave them unnoticed. We can't let them rule us. On doing so we will loose ourselves. We will be hypnotized by them. We will never in our life again know what is Happiness, what is Laugh, what is love, what we can achieve, our talents etc. It'll keep you arrested in a witch’s I mean bad witches! We will not be able to take proper decisions. Ultimately we will not have fun! Before we even realize that we are trapped we will have lost half of we precious life.

How to overcome frustration?

Frustrations are nothing but our own thoughts. We are the owner of our thoughts. We can do miracles. The only cure for your frustration is
YOU and ONLY YOU! Your thoughts. Do not ponder on thoughts that give you the negative energy. Do not waste your time thinking about the past mishaps or past worries. Past is Past. You can't change it. Also do not involve your thoughts more towards your future. Live you’re present. Try to change your attitude. Love your surroundings. When you are able to control your thoughts and focus them on one single motto you will surely achieve it in no time. The thoughts will create a positive energy which will help you to achieve your goals. When things start to happen in the way you want it, I bet you will never get frustrated in your life.

Also personally, I request you to meditate in a very peaceful, sielent place in your home. During this time, the most important thing is you need to concentrate on the thoughts which flow in your mind. Focus them on your immediate goal. Keep on chanting what you want daily at the same time and at the same place. And before you even realize the positive energy would have been created and would have started to work for you. Good luck!



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